Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Series 241: Man is the mated pair of Woman (or “man with womb”). You ARE NOT opposites. Opposites do one thing only, they OPPOSE. When a man joins in Divine union, as God labels it, you unite with your other half for the express purpose of establishing a “home”, and beginning a family unit that you may be fruitful and multiply. Now, do not get bent out of shape. There are all degrees of “sin” or “error”, for there is no sin with God. Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater! God does not care one wit about who you were—it is who you are now that matters.

2/14/2017 from HATONN/jonur (ns241)


Good morning, Hatonn present in Love and Light and Truth unto a weary war-torn planet, looking for Love among God-Aton’s precious Creation.  Why is this day so important to humanity?  Men as well as women enjoy the promise and hope of finding “a life partner”, to share the pain, joy, and unfolding of this experience called “life”.

Man is the mated pair of Woman (or “man with womb”).  You ARE NOT opposites.  Opposites do one thing only, they OPPOSE.  When a man joins in Divine union, as God labels it, you unite with your other half for the express purpose of establishing a “home”, and beginning a family unit that you may be fruitful and multiply.  Now, do not get bent out of shape.  There are all degrees of “sin” or “error”, for there is no sin with God.  Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater!  God does not care one wit about who you were—it is who you are now that matters.

And it is, indeed, easier to face the challenge of the world with a close “soulmate”—for those mates of the soul always find each other.  It is a 100 percent give and re-give mating of those male and female entities.  What a terrible disservice to do to the one you profess to love, by giving 50 percent of yourself!  Where do you suppose a relationship, in which you held back half of yourself from your spouse, is going to eventually end up??  This is a GIVE AND RE-GIVING Universe of Creation—God never TAKES.  And this is what is wrong with your species of mankind.  “Taking” only creates resentment, revenge, bitterness, and kills all future TRUST.  This goes for personal relationships as well as business, and all dealings in the human play drama you call Creation.

Only man takes nothing else in Creation takes.  When man remembers he only sows (plants) dissension by taking that which he desires, and instead of “trying to get over” on a person, or business deal—Godness/Goodness will come back into your world.  This is Universal Law—what you put out into the universe spirals, or circles back to you.  If you project “hate” out into the world, you will reap (harvest) the very same energy you sent out.

Jonur, this scribe or Transceiver, would like to personally comment on the importance of this subject in his life.  So I will pass the Talking Stick now (A Native American term, meaning to pass the microphone, or turn the podium over to the next speaker, if you will.).  If my scribe tries to take the liberty of going on and on, do not worry, I will take back the Talking Stick!

Thank you, Commander, Jonur present to share in love and light.  I just wanted to share my experience of what Valentine’s Day means to me.  (And I won’t ramble, Sir!  “Lol”—“laugh out loud”—a new term I learned about “social media”!)
To me…
“Light is INTELLIGENT!  What do you think God IS?!”
“Love is spiritual, sex is physical.”
 When they stopped the behavior, they got well.”
“You are playing in a game—YOU—are immortal.”

Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.
But love must be “allowed” and it must be “earned”.  The more you attempt to demand love, the more it eludes you.  There is no promising, pleading, bartering, cajoling or threatening which can secure love.  True love will only be GIVEN WHEN EARNED.
Love withers under constraint; its very essence is liberty; it is compatible neither with obedience, jealousy, nor fear; it is there most pure, perfect and unlimited, where its votaries live in confidence, equality and reserve.
Ah, but from the realms of God—all IS love and awaits only your acceptance for it has no bindings or requirements for the “giving”—only discipline in the “learning” for love is the guiding force which will look unto your LIFE and not unto that which can be reaped from the return.  Blessed be the ones who learn the difference.


You ones continually ask me of validity of one or another “channel”, group, or “teacher”.  I refuse to respond unless it is urgent to the moment—for I ask that you study all and experience the teachings and in Truth of perception—you will discern most quickly which brings Truth and which one fudges to make you like him/her better.  It is YOUR opinion of other speakers which is important—NOT HATONN’S.  You must grow into understanding of “life experience” both in the lighted dimension of what you call etheric soul and within the dimension of consciousness (human-physical).  Consciousness is the recognition of that which the being is experiencing at the moment—therefore, CONSCIOUSNESS is God but of the physical recognition.  How can I describe this so you might better see?  Let us try the terms “sensation” and “consciousness” for a starter and see if we are ready for higher understanding in this veil of elusive illusion.


I have just said that God is consciousness.  Well, consciousness is “static” (still).
Consciousness is the knowing of mind.  Knowing therefore is “static”.
Consciousness is the spiritual awareness of “Being”, of all-knowing, all-power and all-presence.


God’s thinking is expressed by two-way moving wave extensions from consciousness, like a lever swinging upon a fixed fulcrum (the balancing point for a kids’ “seesaw”, or an automobile “jack”), or like waves extending from the calm sea.  Thought expression is dynamic.  Thinking belongs to the electrically sensed and conditioned vibrating universe of motion.  Thinking is the motionless principle in light which creates the illusion of motion.

The “Self” of Man belongs to the static, invisible, conscious, unconditioned universe of KNOWING.  We express knowing in the dynamic, visible, electrically conditioned universe of sensation.

Sensation is the electrical awareness of motion simulating the spiritual QUALITIES of the One Idea by creating imaged QUANTITIES of separate forms which seem to have substance.

Consciousness is REAL. Sensation simulates realitythrough motion of interchanging lights, but the mirage of a city is not the city it reflects.
Confusion and misunderstanding as to whether you are thinking consciously from knowledge or sensing electrically from memory records stored in your brains have led you to the necessity of distinguishing between the two by the common usage of such terms as “the human mind” and “mortal mind”.  You know full well, while using them, that there is but the ONE MIND OF THE ONE LIVING GOD OF LOVE.

The universal Mind centers every particle and mass in the universe; animal, vegetable or mineral, electron, atom or sun.

Man is the only unit in Creation who has conscious awareness of the Spirit within him and electrical awareness of dually conditioned light acting upon his senses.  All other units of Creation have electrical awareness only.

Man alone can be freed from body to think with God, to talk with God and be inspired by His centering Light.  All other units of Creation are limited in their actions to automatic reflexes from sensed memories built up through ages of sensing and recording such sensing as instinct.

Likewise, the same confusion leads you to the adoption of such terms as “subconscious mind”, and “superconscious mind”.  However, there is but ONE MIND functioning universally within all creating things, and that ONE Mind is not stratified nor divided into the more or less.  There are no differing conditions of the ONE Mind, nor are there different kinds of minds.  I did not slip when I said “creating” vs. created in the above statement.  You now have “developed” imitations of “creating” beings functioning among you on Earth and the difference is great indeed, but that is for another subject, please.


God is the imaginer of HIS ONE IDEA.  All imagining is God’s imagining.  All creating forms in this thought universe of God’s imagining are built in the image of His imagining, creating “in HIS image”.

All forms in this creating universe of imagined forms are but electric recordings of God’s imaginings.  They have no existence.  Records of idea are not the idea they record.

They have no substance.  They are but black and white lights of sun-centered wave fields of space (There will be diagrams, later, to allow visualization of these “unseen” things.) assembled in vibrating systems to simulate substance in an objective universe which is not, but seems to be.

God’s imagining never began and will never end.  It was not “created” at some remote past time by some vast cosmic event, as commonly believed.  Nor is it condemned to a “heat-death” by expansion into nothingness.

This is a creating universe, not a “created” one.  God did not begin to imagine at some “fixed” “time”, for time does not exist.  This light wave (“electricity”) universe which records God’s knowing by His thinking and imagining is as eternal as God’s thinking is eternal.


Inspiration is the language of Light which Man uses to talk with God.  Inspiration is that deep awareness of the consciousness of being which differentiates the genius or mystic from the being of average intelligence.

Inspiration in man is accompanied by an intense mental ecstasy which is characteristic of all who become intensely conscious of their closeness to God.

Inspired geniuses forget their bodies, while deeply conscious of their existence as wholly Mind.  Their bodies, thus forgotten, act almost automatically in obedience to instinct and cell memory reflexes—just as “jonur” responds through reflex movement of his fingers as I dictate data.  He is totally aware of the consciousness of Being in my presence as well as receiving information for translation.  Is he a genius?  Who cares?  He is in service and his service is unto God/Creator/Creation—and brother being.  Moreover, greatness and genius are often utilized as sameness—nay, nay—not so.  Although there is little discernible difference in one who is great and a genius.  This is not relative to intelligence or education as in the “great genius” of Man’s ego projection.  The one desires to be as a humble servant—the other wishes control through his prowess and self-perceived greatness.  One is so humbled by the presence of God in that which they seemingly “produce” that they are selfless—the other is “self” oriented and most often deletes God totally from the equation.

Inspired geniuses translate God’s knowing into words of man for the soul of man.  They uplift all mankind by reinspiring all who listen to their ecstatic words and rhythms.  He who attunes his heart to the messages of genius purifies himself.  No impurity can there be in his heart for verily he then is in communion with the Holy ONE.


First, don’t go crazy at what I am next going to express for I shall use terms which denote a different meaning for the terms used relative to this dissertation.  I speak of “mystic” and “mystery” but they will be relative in correctness of the meaning of mysticism vs. mystery.  Beyond the genius as we have defined above, is the mystic.
The Mystic is one who has attained cosmic consciousness by a complete severance of the seats of consciousness and sensation.  He is then almost totally unaware of his body and is totally aware of the Light of God centering him.

Now, in your terminology when you refer to a “Mystic”, does it fit this definition above?  No, for the one you go to as a “Mystic” is most identifiable by the very clothing and body consciousness projected by the “self” individual.  In other words—there will be total consciousness of the colors on the body, the food intake, the money you will pay, the charts and codes and numbers, etc.  Totally focused on the immediate accoutrements will be your erstwhile “channels”, “seers”, fortune-tellers and mystics.  You will even note that the garb is most important in the synagogues and churches.  The minister will usually wear a robe (black, yet) and adornments of scarves, ribbons, and stripes to denote importance.  A true speaker of (not “for”) will take no note of “self” other than to be acceptable and pleasing to the purpose of the scene and serve as unnoticed as is possible to allow the speaker to have attention and not the “self” mouthing the verbiage or “garbage” as is most often the case.  The problem being that most often the garbage is spoiled and becomes poison to the growing consciousness—thereby killing or mutating and/or stunting growth.
Omniscience comes to him in that timeless blinding flash of light which is characteristic of a complete severance from physical “self” and a relinquishing unto higher being.  Often this is slow in coming but at some moment the inspiration is intense and comes to any man in a partial illumination for inspiration is illumination opened up to flow freely in fullness.  Inspiration is the manner in which new knowledge comes to man from the cosmos.

The ones you have called Christed are outstanding examples of all time.  They are the ones representative through history to have known complete cosmic conscious unity with God.  The truths of the teachings refer to cosmic conscious experience as the illumination of being in the Light or in the Spirit.

Man has concepts of himself and he makes mysteries in his thinking—he shall need to come into KNOWING.  HE THAT THINKS GREATLY EVER SURPASSES THAT WHICH HE THINKS.  I think in terms of that which comes to pass—thereof is Spirit manifest.  Only Spirit matters, beloved.

That which is perceived is like the mustard seed, perhaps it sprouts, and perhaps it blossoms.  Is not the blossoming more transcendent than the blossom?  You breathe, and move, and have your mortal beings; therein are you mortal; behold Spirit functions and thought goes out—it makes you to see worlds in new bornings.  Are you not part of them, in that you discern them?  Sight has a transcendence to encompass its creatings; it becomes the particle of that which it perceives.  I say to you to look, perceive, witness, discern, lift your faces up; behold the mirrors of the infinite are but lodestones for your intellects.  You do dwell on Earth a little while; presently you go forward, verily you go outward; he who goes outward sees that which is beneath him for it is ever upward; behold is it not true that he who journeys upward ever sees life in more smallness beneath him?  Think on these things.
I dwell in heavenly mansions; I look on all creatings; I arise in the mornings and behold many mountains; I say to the mountains:  “Increase and bring forth young.”  Lo, they are moved and universes shudder and tremble.

Man is part of it, but only is he part of it in that he sees Me deploying in himself.  I speak these things to you so that you may be wise.  Be not cast down by little men who say, “Spirit is conjecture, we breathe, thereby we are”…They are as lights in many wicks that presently know a snuffing; the universe shall snuff them for they cannot encompass it.  Lift up your heads, beloved!  Perceive a great radiance for the Spirit I send works in you, and I in it; behold we are one essence—that which is created comes from My bosom.

Man has had a blindness to neglect his own destiny, he has said to his brothers, “We are creatures of confusion of doubt and of dread as we come from our fathers, whither we go is not for our wisdom.”  He looks on the Earth and thinks it a mystery; it speaks a tongue whose language has long since been forgotten save by the few.

It shall be beyond him until he comes to that place in Spirit where the beast hood drops away from him, where he leaves his earthliness behind him forever.  He looks to the heavens and cries out constantly, “Almighty Father, bestow on us wisdom.”  Lo, wisdom is in his heart, it lays all about him; he walks in its richness and he embraces it not.

Man asks of Me to save him.  You are given that which you completed in that total Light.  Therefore, we are allowed to protect our counterparts upon your orb, and we do not allow ones who work with us in full intent of personal gain, greed or falseness to continue interchange with us.  We are extremely disciplined and require total discipline from our ground troops.  If personal matters cannot be put aside during our work, then they are relieved of duty until such time as the space is again clear and separate.  Our efforts are to never offend if possible but the ego is the first item in forfeit if one chooses to work with us.

If we err in presentation, we shall be first to state such for we function in near human format and we are, of necessity, working with human apparatus and translators—and you, dear ones, have no language of perfect understanding.

We expect recognition of any mistakes which might be projected in error from a scribe or speaker and the errors removed from documentation.  It is not a pleasant task for us to constantly trouble ourselves in this respect but truth is our purpose and little errors grow into mountains of confusion.

To our scribes, once we give an “order” or an explanation, then that should be quite sufficient.  We are patient during the learning but if individual ego continues to enter into the writings and/or opinions are interjected—the individual is given other tasks or they make their own decision to remove self to other locations and actions outside our teams.  As I say, we are most patient—for appropriate time for change and balance; then we are abrupt and decisive for there is not yet time, in perception, for us to continue endlessly with individuals who do not have control of self.  There is only one purpose acceptable—God truth.  We allow no false and foolish piety to dupe us so the lying lips do not work—we work only from intent of soul level understanding—not human input.  In this group, for instance, we have now reached a point whereby things will not be discussed and re-discussed—facts will be laid forth and homework will be performed, and the writings studied diligently by our own groups or they shall simply be finding themselves set to the side.  It is a time of pulling off the Earth foolishness of self-orientation.

This repetition and nurse-maiding is extremely time consuming, illogical and superfluous.  We write for 6.5 billion separate entities—you readers must glean your portion and stop dawdling about awaiting your private nurse-maid to show up with your digested food.  God-truth unto a troubled planet is our purpose—not chewing your food.  Social groupings is not in our intent and all children should outgrow the need for emotional crutches for you are in a most critical time of serious change and your social calendar is not of importance.

Jonur let us continue with Journal, “MATTER ANTI-MATTER & WHAT’S THE MATTER.  The so-called “First Contacts” between us of God’s Cosmic HOSTS, and you ones of Earth/Shan have been made, chelas.  However, like those that have happened in BIBLICAL TIMES—THE ADVERSARY KEEPS THE TRUTH FROM YOU THE PEOPLE!  So, it will be from those “on the inside”, who have come forth to inform his fellow man, who will bring Earth conformation of our presence.  And, yes indeed, those ones in your “MEDIA” and the writers, and TV and radio, of your information workers, will be the ones who will outlay the hidden conspiracy.



But lots of things of similar nature happened long before then—as far back actually into the late 30’s and early 40’s.  Sometimes it takes a while to unseal lips but Truth eventually “outs”.  I will describe an incident which occurred in 1964 and was later related by a former first lieutenant in the Air Force.  [Hatonn:  And yes, “V” and “Tee-Tee”, it will be among your nation’s Elite:  Special Operations, or THE PARATROOPER, who will see America through these so-called “End Days”!]  This man did not dare reveal this information until 1982 after he became a professor of Radio-Film-TV at the University of Wisconsin.  His name is Robert Jacobs.

On September 15, 1964—when he was in charge of the filming of missile tests at Vandenberg AFB, California, a UFO was responsible for the destruction of an Atlas missile.


In order to have clear film records of all missile test-firings over the Pacific, we had installed a TV camera, affixed to a high-powered telescope up on a mountain.  We kept the telescope locked onto the moving missile by radar, and it was while we were tracking one of the Atlas F missiles in this way that we registered the UFO on our film.

We had a crew of 120 men, and I was in charge.  As we watched the Atlas F in flight we were delighted with our camera, which was doing fine, in fact we were jumping around with excitement with the results that, because we were doing this, we actually missed seeing the most important bit of all—our missile’s close encounter at an altitude of 60 miles, with an UFO!

I only heard about it.  In fact, a couple of days later, when I was ordered to go and see my superior, Major Florenz J. Mansmann, Chief Science Officer of the Unit.  With him there, in his office, there were a couple of men in plain clothes.  He introduced them to me only by their first names and said they had come from Washington, DC.

Then Major Mansmann had the film of the test run through.  And, just at that point where my men and I had been standing congratulating ourselves and each other, Major Mansmann pointed to the screen and said:  “Watch this bit closely.”  Suddenly we saw a UFO swim into the picture.  It was very distinct and clear, a round object.  It flew right up to our missile and emitted a vivid flash of light.  Then it altered course, and hovered briefly over our missile…and then there came a second vivid flash of light.   [H:  Not unlike the Laser Flash Gun used to disable the car’s—Driver—DODI FAYED—WHO WERE IN THE DIRECT LINE OF FIRE.  And my, my, what you are NOT told about your “secret” wars and skirmishes, between God and your satanic adversary!]  Then the UFO flew around the missile twice and set off two more flashes from different angles, and then it vanished.  A few seconds later our missile was malfunctioning and tumbling out of control into the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles short of its scheduled target.

They switched on the office lights again, and I found myself confronted by three very intense faces.  Speaking very quietly, Major Mansmann then said:  “Lieutenant, just what the hell was that?”  I replied that I had no idea.  Then we ran the film through several more times, and I was permitted to examine it with a magnifying glass.  Then Mansmann again asked me what I thought, and I answered that in my opinion it was a UFO.  Major Mansmann smiled and said:  “You are to say nothing about this footage.  As far as you and I are concerned, it never happened—right?”

Here then was the confirmation of what the UFO experts had been saying for years past—that the U.S. government was covering up what it knew about UFO’s.

The film was turned over to the two men in plain clothes from Washington, who I believe were CIA agents.  The film hasn’t been heard of since.  Major Mansmann added:  “I don’t have to remind you, of course, of the seriousness of a security breach.”

It’s been 17 years since that incident, and I’ve told nobody about it until now.  I have been afraid of what might happen to me.  But the truth is too important for it to be concealed any longer.  The UFO’s are real.  I know they’re real.  The Air Force knows they’re real.  And the U.S. government knows they’re real.  I reckon it’s high time that the American public knows it too.


I suggest you not get overjoyed at the prospects implied by this story—for it was not an UFO!  It was a Russian Cosmosphere.  These are the Kremlin’s own “space shuttle” fleet of ELECTRO-gravity CRAFT, used to control “space”, if you will, around your planet.  These “Cosmospheres” are the most sophisticated craft on your planet.

  The United States, nor any other nation, can compete with Russia’s supremacy of space.  Your Earth’s Moon has American, Russian, and alien bases.  WHEN PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY SAID, AMERICA WOULD SEND A MAN TO THE MOON AND BRING HIM SAFELY BACK TO EARTH—YOU WERE ALREADY THERE!  Through treason you lost the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union (the Christian Russians regained control of their nation from the false Jewish “Soviets”, but those displaced Khazar “Jews” all flocked to your own nation to set up shop!), and Russia has bases on the red planet of Mars!  You ones are not allowed to participate, because Russia does not trust your ZIONIST OVERLORDS one iota.  Neither are humans of Earth given the REAL SECRETS, to Interstellar (Star) craft propulsion, and advanced weapon capabilities.  Just like THE CONCEPT of “Star Trek”, there is Universal Cosmic Law:  NO INTERFERENCE!  Those “Fallen Angels” who did break God’s Law, are known as Lucifer and his followers.  Today you call them “Jews”.  These ones are NOT true Judean Hebrews, but impostors, masquerading as the people from your Holy Bible.  And by calling themselves “J-E-W”, when they are actually phallic worshippers (male reproductive organ), and liars, and murderers of Christianity—AND CHRISTIANS!  This is the “Serpent Tribe”.  Their own bible ORDERS THEM TO KILL CHRISTIANS ANY WAY YOU CAN!  EVEN FOR THEIR “SONS TO BECOME DOCTORS” TO “BETTER KILL THE CHRISTIANS”!!  And remember, Lucifer (“The Morning or Shining Star”) said he would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.  So, where do you think your little planet Shan (Earth), a generic word for all habitable planets like your own, and there are “Many Mansions in My Father’s Kingdom”…, which is the label of your Star (sun), all the individual planets around all the stars (planets are Stars/Suns “kids”) are too numerous to count meaningfully.  The Stars (suns) themselves are numbered, and important ones will have names for easy reference—Shan (or “Shan-stone” earthen Dome Dwellings).  Russian Cosmospheres can also manipulate the weather.  At night a Cosmosphere can appear as the “Morning Star”, Venus in the East, hanging a little low in the sky tonight, perhaps.  And equipped with neutron and charged particle-beam, or “Death Beam”, as Nikola Tesla called his invention ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO!  By the way, they are normally “shielded”, electromagnetically in a “bubble”, and invisible to the human eye—AND RADAR.  Many UFO’s will be Russian Cosmospheres, and man-made, or Earth manufactured “E.T.” craft, you shoot down.  So it will be an invasion conjured by man—not God, to cause you to fear, and flee in terror from ANYTHING coming from “out there”.  It just so happens, that you have lumped your God in that same pile!  For the master will return to Earth, dear ones, and he will—by definition—be extra-terra (“earth”), or extraterrestrial.  And the Hosts of “Heaven” (“sky” or “outer space”) will come before Him.  Do you see the CONFUSION that is planned by the Luciferian Reptilian tribe, called “Jew”, and the subsequent “ARMAGEDDON” script being pulled off on you??  Therefore, know the difference between your own “mock” (fake) UFO craft, and God’s “Chariots of Fire” from antiquity.  God wins in the end, chelas, never forget that.  Even the Anti-God/Anti-Christ knows that.  At the time the payloads were such that any type of destruction was sufficient.  As time has gone forward, some of your intended-for-orbit weapons are of such magnitude of destruction utilizing scalar technology that to simply blow up the missile can cause the destruction in itself.

It is easy to sense the “death ray” weapons and if they are set for outer space orbit, we are allowed to take them out.  This is why the efforts at present are to send the shuttles or launch vehicles only into sub-orbit and thrust the weapons from that point.  Also, anything less than 150 miles (now 100 miles) out is off limits for us if the intent is to keep it within those bounds.  So what has basically happened is that your weaponry has gotten so dangerous to the life of the planet that certain payloads are not stopped by the Russian Cosmospheres for fear of total destruction.  Were there aliens present at the incident?  By all means, yes.  If the Cosmosphere had not intercepted the missile, we would have neutralized the hydrogen thrust-system.

Brothers, it simply gets more and more difficult to keep these things within any bounds of control.  I cannot tell you strongly enough that the Elite plan is to have their plan in full operation by year 2000 at ANY COST!


No, most of the actual reports are not about little anything weird.  Most of the “aliens” who travel even aboard my own craft are not unusually tall.  It depends on origin of the entity.  I, Hatonn, am very tall—over nine feet.  Most, from other planets in the system, are medium to a bit short—say under six feet tall.  Most of your reports—when the witness gets brave enough to tell their story, are much like a Sid Padrick, some four months following the Atlas incident.

His story is accurate so it bears the retelling herein—for we need to get rid of the fear right now so that you can KNOW that if there is terror and beastly monsters within the story—the story is incorrect.  We can discuss various alien life later—but let us look at fact at this point.

Since stories of encounters with the occupants of UFO’s are invariably greeted with a barrage of ridicule, particularly if the witnesses claim to have met beings similar to yourselves in appearance.  The facts are that all encounters with aliens from say, Pleiades and Dal will be like yourselves.

It was about 2:00am on January 30, 1965, when radio/TV technician Padrick, forty-five years old at the time, encountered a landed UFO near his home at Manresa Beach, near Watsonville, seventy-five miles south of San Francisco.  He saw the shadowy outline of an unlit craft some seventy feet in diameter and some thirty feet high “like two real thick saucers inverted” approach him and came to rest just above the ground.  He panicked, began to run, and then heard a voice coming from the craft:  “Do not be frightened, we are not hostile”, it said.  Padrick ran further.  The voice repeated the phrase, then added:  “We mean you no harm,” and invited him on board.  You see, no snatching, no killer-beams—just a friendly invitation.  But you will note that this man, too, was a radio/TV technician which, in itself, should tell you a great deal about contacts.

He accepted the invitation and went inside—where he first entered an entrance room which was very small, some 6’ x 6’ - 7’.  Once inside there is always a second entry.

Perhaps we should just give you Mr. Padrick’s description from here on.


The aliens were no different than me in basic appearance, had clean cut features, and wore a type of flying suit that covered the body fully.  On board there were another seven men, similar in appearance, and one woman—pretty.  They were all around five feet eight inches to five feet nine inches tall.

By our own standards I would say they all looked between 20-25 years old, very young, pert, energetic, and intelligent looking.  Their features were similar to ours.  There was only one feature I notices that would differ from us greatly, and that was that their faces came to a point, much more than ours.  They had rather sharp chins and noses—not pronounced, just kind of heart shaped.  Their skin was somewhat of what I would call an “Armenian” color—fair but with a bit of tan undertones, maybe—well, maybe just “fair”.  Their eyes all seemed dark…there just wasn’t anything really unusual about them—their brightness, depth or lumina science.

All the men appeared to have short auburn hair, but it looked as though it had never actually been cut—it appeared to be natural growth.  The lady had rather long hair and it was pushed down inside her clothing.  Their fingers were a bit longer than mine.  The hands were very clean—the fingernails looked as if somebody had just given them a manicure.

All of them were wearing two-piece suits—slip on type—light bluish-white in color.  They had no buttons or zippers that could be seen.  The bottom section actually included the shoes—it looked like boots which continued on up to the waistline, without any break around the ankles, just like a child’s snow suit.  There was a large band in the middle, and large cuffs, and a large collar that came down with a “V” neck.  The collar had a very pretty design on it, and the neck-piece—right around the neck—had a braid of some kind on it.  They had soles and heels.  I could hear them walking on the rubbery-like floor.

The first man Padrick I saw acted as spokesman, explaining that he was the only one on board who spoke English.  He had no accent whatsoever.  It was just as plain and just as perfectly spoken English as anyone has ever spoken on this earth.  I believe they can adapt themselves to whatever condition they are working under.

Every question I asked him, he would pause for about 25 to 30 seconds before he would answer, regardless of how minor it was.  Perhaps he was getting instructions mentally in what response to give.  I think if the crew communicated with each other, it was through mental telepathy, because I could see nothing that would indicate communication otherwise.


Each of the rooms that were occupied had instrument panels on the walls, with the crew members concentrating on the instruments.  They merely glanced around at me when I entered their room, then turned back to their work, as if they were totally unconcerned.

Some rooms had four or five instruments, others had 15 or 20, but they were of a similar type in each room.  They were nothing like ours.  I didn’t get close to any of the walls that had the movable instruments on them, because when I started to advance in that first room he held out his hand for me not to advance and I didn’t.  He didn’t say why and I didn’t ask.  I saw markings on some of the instruments; something like a tape moving along with little tiny dots and dashes on it—like our teletype tapes, except they were going from left to right.  I wouldn’t classify it as a code, like our CW (Continuous Wave).  There were no screens, such as our oscilloscopes.  They had meters, but I could not see dials on them.  He said they lit up only when in use.

I was shown an oblong “lens”, which was something of a part of viewing system, which had a magnified three dimensional effect.  You could see on it an object which I was told was a navigation craft—it looked something like our “blimps”.

This was 2:45 or 3:00 in the morning, and the object was in sunlight, so it had to be pretty far out.  I imagine at least 1,000 miles out, or more.  I didn’t see any markings or portholes on it.  He told me that the power source of the craft he was in was transferred to them from the other craft, basically, and that it did all the navigation and manipulation through space—sort of a “center”.

They told me that they don’t measure time and distance as we do but rather use terms of light.  When I asked him how fast they traveled through space, he answered that their speed was limited only by the speed at which they could transfer the energy source.


After a while the spaceman told Padrick that they had traveled some distance and were now parked in a deserted area, which on subsequent investigation turned out to be near Leggett, California, 175 miles northwest of Watsonville.

After we had landed on the hillside, he told me to step out so that I could come back to the place later—to know this was real and not simply a dream.  I stepped out alone and walked around the outside of the ship.

I felt the hull.  It seemed very hard but not metallic.  I never felt anything like it before.  The closest thing to it I ever felt on this earth would be a windshield plexiglas.  It had a very fine finish, a highly polished finish.  He didn’t tell me that touching this craft would do me harm, and I had no bad effects from it—none whatever.  I was outside for not more than three minutes.  I got down and looked at the legs it was on and I tried to find markings on it.  I didn’t find a mark on it anyplace.


Padrick asked where the craft and its people came from and received a somewhat cryptic reply.

He told me they were from a planet in back of a planet which we observe—but we do not observe them.  He did not say we couldn’t observe them—he merely said that we didn’t observe them.  I think maybe their planet might be in our own solar system but I’m not sure.

Padrick was shown a photo of a city on the visitors’ planet.

Every building in that picture was rounded off, half-moon shaped—domed.  I saw windows in the buildings.  I cannot say the picture looked like anything I had ever seen before, because the buildings were spaced much differently—offset from each other.  It looked like they put one about 50 feet from another and the next one maybe 150 feet.  There appeared to be roads in the distance and there was foliage in the foreground—trees and brush, too.

The spaceman described his Utopian society to Patrick:

“As you know it, we have no sickness, we have no crimes, and we have no police force.  We have no schools such as you have.  Our young are taught at a very early age to do a job, which they do very well.  Because of our long life expectancy we have a very strict birth control.  We use no money.  We live basically—one, with an exchange type of what you probably call barter.”

Padrick asked what the purpose of the visit was.  The man replied:  “Observation only.”  Padrick explained:

I don’t think it meant for them to observe us.  I think it was for me to observe them, because he did not ask me at any time my name, my age, how many teeth I had, how many members in my family.  He didn’t ask me one thing about myself, this leads me to believe that they know about us already, and he came for us to observe them.  They did say they would come for further observations.  I think they are observing people, mostly.  There was no mention of earthquakes, fault-lines, or of anything government-wise, or political-wise, or anything that would affect our future except that they gave me the impression that they would pick up more people in the future such as they had welcomed me aboard.

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  1. Met Sid Patrick in Person by Hans and wife Lotte Hanzack in East San Jose in their home near Alum Rock Avenue in mid 1967. During his lecture by the Hanzacks in their home Sid shared his encounter and what he experienced at that time at La Selva Beach near Aptos California. During that lecture or presentation which was about 4 hours long with Col. Burke present. Sid mentioned the Astronaut Wallie Shirar about his encounter in New York State North. At the Hanzack's Sid tried to explain what the power drive of the Space ship 20 to 30 feet high by 60 feet in diameter consisted of.
    When Sid started to mention the elements built into this power drive, Col. Burke and Hanzack intervened with a comment not to continue with this topic.